The choice is yours!
If you want to learn Dutch at Moderne Talen
start dates
You will not need to wait long for a course to start:
  • Every month beginners' courses start
  • We run courses at different levels all year round
class times
You can choose the class time that suits you best:
  • mornings
  • afternoons
  • evenings
course length
You can choose the course that suits you best:
  • the 120 - hour standard course:
    • for everyone
  • the 80 - hour short course:
    • you want to learn fast.
    • you have a college or university degree.
    • you speak more languages.
  • the 180 - hour long course:
    • you prefer to learn Dutch at a slower pace.
    • you wish to spend more time learning and practising in the classroom.
lesson days per week
Evening courses:
  • three times a week: Monday + Tuesday + Thursday
  • twice a week: Monday + Wednesday or Tuesday + Thursday or Wednesday + Thursday

Morning and afternoon courses:
  • 5 times a week: Mon + Tue + Wed + Thu + Fri
course content
You will regularly be asked why you study Dutch. The topics you study will then be chosen according to your needs or wishes. You might need Dutch:
  • to find a job
  • at work
  • to study
  • to help your children at school
  • in your free time
  • etc.
speaking /writing
After module 1.1 you can decide to take a speaking or writing class or both
  • speaking classes
  • writing classes
  • speaking and writing classes
"specific" courses
You can also learn Dutch for "specific" purposes
In these courses you combine Dutch with another topic, for example:
  • Dutch + the traffic rules / preparing for your driving theory test
  • Dutch + starting your own business
  • Dutch + applying for a job
  • Dutch + communicating effectively at work
  • Dutch + studying at college or university
10 courses in 1 school year
You can complete all modules in 1 school year
  • modules 1.1 to 4.2 (A1 - C1)
  • fast short courses
You choose to do this because:
  • you wish to study in Flanders.
  • you want to find a better job.
  • you want to learn Dutch really fast.
You can do this if:
  • you are a fast learner.
  • you have a college or university degree.
  • you speak more languages.