Paid Educational Leave

Moderne Talen is a recognised centre within the system of paid educational leave and study leave.

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How to apply for paid educational leave and study leave at Moderne Talen:

  • Application paid educational leave / study leave
    • fill in an application form at registration
  • Procedure
    • One week after registration the first certificate of regular registration to submit to the employer will be provided to the student by the teacher.
    • For each absence the student needs to hand in a valid certificate. An absence without a valid certificate (see link) is an unjustified absence.
    • Unjustified absence per period may not exceed 10% of the total course hours.
    • Every three months and at the end of the course the teacher will provice the student with a certificate for the employer. (Paid Educationl Leave)
    • A student on study leave will only get a certificate for the employer at the end of the course.