Training cheques for employees

Moderne Talen, as a recognised training centre, accepts payments and refunds of the registration fee and course materials by training cheques.

New regulations from 1 March 2015

All low and medium skilled employees are entitled to training cheques as well as highly skilled employees with a personal development plan ('POP') as part of a career guidance program from the VDAB.

Highly skilled employees (those who graduated from higher education, who have a bachelor or master degree or who took a teacher training,...) are not eligible for training cheques.

Additional information can be found at this website:

Training cheques can be purchased via the VDAB

The maximum value is €250 per calender year. There are cheques of €5, €10 and €25 and the value of the cheques must not exceed the cost of the course.

The cheques need to be purchased within two months after starting the course.

How to pay by training cheques at Moderne Talen

  • Cheques can be purchased before of after starting the course
  • Purchasing before registration:
    • Upon registration the cheques can be used as a means of payment
    • The correct amount (course fee and course materials(textbook + extras)) can be found at the website
      • The value of the cheques must not exceed the total cost of the course
        For example: if the total cost is €197, you should order cheques with a total value of €195
  • Purchasing after registration:
    • Upon registration the student will pay the total cost of the course.
    • The student will order cheques for the correct amount at the VDAB.
    • The student will receive the cheques by post and will hand them in at the school office.
    • The student will get a total refund from the school via a transfer to their bank account.